The Real Deal

November 6, 2013 | Blog | By Lightbox

Plenty of people scoff in the face of authority.  Not me. In fact- I actually appreciate someone who knows more than I do!

When we introduced spokesperson Lori Bergamotto to the Smart Screens- her strong background in fashion and beauty came shining through.  Shoppers trust her point of view and feel comfortable taking advice from this familiar face.

Watching Lori- you get the impression she really knows her way around the fashion landscape.

Of course, credibility plays a big part in earning that authoritative voice.   In her case- she’s a sought after guest on so many morning talk shows- she knows her stuff!

According to a recent Nielsen survey- nearly 60% of the women surveyed were both interested and influenced by what Lori had to say.

And then mall shoppers became familiar with Eimear Lynch from Conde Nast Traveler.  Here’s an editor with a handle on all things travel related- from luxury destinations to family fun get aways to different styles of luggage.

So, the next time you get pulled over for flying way over the speed limit- trust the man in the uniform–He knows more than you think!