How We Made The Ad, Summit Entertainment: Red 2

How We Made The Ad, Summit Entertainment: Red 2

The new action comedy sequel Red 2 advertised on our screens in July – a perfect fit for our movie-going mall shoppers – and we helped produce a great ad for them. Our portrait format can be tricky for some clients, but these guys knew we could pull it together quickly by using artwork they already had […]

Tales From the Food Court: The Changing Retail Landscape

Summer means many things for many people; vacations, BBQs, hanging with friends, endless hours of daylight, endless brunches at cafés, endless glasses of mimosa at said brunches, endless…well you get the point. But for me, as the Managing Editor at the Adspace Digital Mall Network, summer means an audit of our retail database. So, pretty […]

You’re Doing It Wrong! Common Creative Pitfalls in Digital Place-Based Advertising – Part 1

Digital Place-based advertising has a ton of benefits:  Low cost per impression, amazing reach, location specific targeting… But it’s important to pay attention to your creative, and think about how, and where it’s going to be seen.  What is the audience’s frame of mind?  Are they on the move or settled in?  Can they interact with […]

How Jay-Z appealed to Millennials for the release of Magna Carta Holy Grail

When Jay-Z announced his twelfth studio album, titled Magna Carta Holy Grail, he let the world know in a most unusual way.  During Game 5 of the NBA Finals, a Samsung commercial aired that introduced the album and showed Jay-Z working in the studio with top name producers. How did this target millennials, you may […]