2022 Wrap-Up: Lightbox Mall Traffic Higher Than Ever

2022 WRAP-UP: LIGHTBOX MALL TRAFFIC HIGHER THAN EVER Any notion that malls are still in recovery mode was put to bed in 2022. Remnant memories of lockdowns and capacity limitations are now miles in the country’s rearview mirror, once again making malls a top destination for shopping and socializing. The Lightbox (LB) mall network followed […]

Deck the Malls: Connect with Holiday Shoppers in the Real World

Deck the Malls: Connect with Holiday Shoppers in the Real World Holiday shopping in malls has deep roots in American culture. Mall scenes from celebrated holiday movies, like Buddy’s first time using an escalator in Elf and Rowan Atkinson’s masterful gift wrapping in Love Actually, are still watched by millions every year. Many brands are […]

1H 2022: Lightbox Mall Traffic Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels

1H 2022: Lightbox Mall Traffic Exceeds Pre-Pandemic Levels Given the challenges of the past few years, it would be reasonable to think malls would still be in recovery mode well into 2022. Retail centers weathered a series of obstacles starting with total closures in March 2020, capacity limitations as lockdowns lifted, and modified shopping experiences […]

Lightbox Drives Brand Purchase by +82%

Lightbox Drives Brand Purchase by +82% High dwell time environments and a tremendous notice rate result in nearly 7 in 10 consumers taking action after seeing advertising on our screens. Lightbox’s digital out-of-home (DOOH) network of video with sound is watched by millions of consumers while actively looking to make a purchase, making it a […]


From September 8 – 22, Lightbox (via Epicenter) surveyed 600+ Americans aged 16-64 on their behavior and attitudes around visiting malls during the global pandemic. The results show that consumers are going to malls more often, taking their time while there, and feeling that it’s a safe experience.   They’re also noticing ads in malls more […]

Lightbox OOH Video Network Reports 66% Traffic Return to Re-Opened Malls

Lightbox OOH Video Network continues to see traffic return to malls as all U.S. states are at some stage of re-opening. In the third week of monitoring, data provided by Intermx shows traffic in re-opened malls at 66% of pre-shutdown numbers, a significant increase for the week ending May 24. Furthermore, some DMA traffic exceeds […]

Consumers Can’t Wait to Shop at Malls

Lightbox’s Consumer Attitudinal Study found “Shopping at malls” to be a top activity American adults intend to do once venues re-open after being shuttered by COVID-19, only after “Dining at restaurants” and “Going to the beach/park.”

Video Ads in Malls: Top Ad Medium of Consumer Interest

The challenges facing advertisers in reaching consumers are aplenty.  Ad blockers, fraud, cord-cutting, the demise of print…brands and media owners alike have their work cut out for them.  But marketers are increasingly turning to a medium that was once the beneficiary of leftover budgets to be a saving grace: out-of-home (OOH) and more specifically, digital out-of-home (DOOH).  […]

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