The Benefits of Being Common

The Benefits of Being Common

It used to be that encountering a digital place-based screen was like coming across a mythical beast – something you had heard of, but never seen yourself. Now you can practically trip over digital screens of every shape and size each time you walk out the door. And it’s no surprise! Digital place-based saves time, […]

How P&G Makes Grown Men Cry

If you’re still recovering from the tears you cried during Procter & Gamble’s Thank You Mom campaign for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, you’re out of luck. If you haven’t yet seen their latest Pick Them Back Up video, which is a continuation of the former campaign for this year’s 2014 Winter Olympics in […]

Men In The Mall? Who Knew?

“Let’s go to the mall!” If I asked you to match a gender to this statement, you would definitely say a woman, right? Don’t be ashamed, it’s a common stereotype . . . teenage girls, housewives, and moms all clucking around from shop to shop. Well, you and the stereotype are wrong. So on second […]


Did you hear the one about the statistician who put her head in the oven and her feet in the refrigerator?  She said “On average, I feel just fine!” As someone who has spent his professional life working with statistics, a pet peeve of mine is the use of statistical averages to prove false and […]