The American Dream

The American Dream

Every so often, a TV commercial really grabs me (no, I don’t always skip them, unlike most of my fellow Americans).  I am interested in these things because they are a window into branding strategy…good and bad…and the difficult challenge of executing strategy in a television spot.  I really enjoy it when the stars seem to align.  […]

Reaching African American Consumers Matters

Despite the occasional snow storm – hang in there East coast! – February is a great month with a lot to celebrate. While we all get excited about love notes, heart-shaped treats, and candle lit dinners, this is also the perfect time to celebrate diversity. Right in time for Black History Month, Nielsen and the […]

You’re Still Doing it Wrong! Common Creative Pitfalls in Digital Place-based Advertising – Part 2

Maybe it’s because I’m a new father, or perhaps I’m just passionate about good creative, but I’m about to give you the “potential” lecture I received so many times in my youth.  So go ahead and roll your eyes, but know, we’re not mad at you… just a little disappointed.  Now look- Your creative is good, […]

Forget The Game, Brands on Twitter Were The Real Winners of Super Bowl XLVIII

Who here likes watching event television? Go ahead; raise your hand, I’ll wait. Just in case you were wondering my hand is raised too which, coincidentally, is making it very hard to type. If you are curious about the parameters of event television allow me to explain. It is epic TV programming that comes around […]