DailyDOOH: John Moran Joins Adspace


John Moran Named Vice President, National Sales

NEW YORK – March 26, 2014 – Adspace Digital Mall Network, the largest Nielsen measured digital place-based video network in the United States, has added John Moran, 49, to the executive sales team as Vice President of National Sales based in Detroit. The addition of Mr. Moran to the Adspace Networks team provides a valuable level of sales management and media experience in a very important market.

Is Binge-watching and OnDemand Actually Making TV Better?

So, is binge viewing and OnDemand making TV better? Let’s start by looking at one of America’s all-time favorites: The Sopranos, whose six seasons aired between 1999-2007. The Sopranos was written and produced as a traditional TV show – episodic and ephemeral. Once an episode aired each week, it was gone. Your work dinner ran […]

Finally! The Retailers Have Caught On!

Did you happen to see the article in the Wall Street Journal on mall traffic a couple of weeks ago? Well if you are under the age of thirty, my bet is no—or at least not organically. Don’t be embarrassed, I didn’t read it until my boss handed it to me and told me to… […]

Fashion in Film and Trends on TV: Clothing as Character

How iconic fashion pieces become characters of their own. The Oscars (aka the Super Bowl for fashionistas) just blew through in a cloud of peplum (there’s always too much peplum), fringe (why Jennifer Garner, why?), and blue hair (you get a pass Liza, but only because you’re Liza). Year after year, it seems that the […]

Service Anyone?

Once upon a time; retailers knew the best way to build a relationship with a customer was to have outstanding merchandise-  and even better service. Somewhere along the line that’s changed and I wonder if we’ll see those days again. One obvious challenge that retailers face is the lack of product exclusivity. Very few stores have unique designers or […]