Daily DOOH: Adspace Cinema Lobby Network Now In Nielsen’s Place-based Video Report

Music is Still a Hit for Global Branding Campaigns

Almost a year ago, I was writing about celebrity creative directors on this very blog. Well, it looks like the trend is here to stay! Artists, who are not just the face of a product but part of its whole branding strategy, are no longer the exception. Similarly to last year, it seems that musicians […]

Sponsorship Opportunities!

I’ve already written about embracing the envionment in your creative. Sponsorships are a great way to take advantage of our original content (which is tailor-made for our enironment) and reach your audience from a different angle.

Vertical Video: A Controversial Opinion

Since the dawn of smartphone video, the internet has been inundated with vertical (or portrait) videos. There has been a growing opposition to these videos since, the argument goes, they’re more frustating to watch than normal horizontal videos. Glove and Boots have, thus far, made the most eloquent case: As you can see, there are […]