As It Turns Out, I Only Want to Hang Out with Light TV Viewers

May 27, 2014 | Blog | By Lightbox

If you’ve ever heard an Adsapce Networks pitch, you already know that we are a great complement to television buys. Why? Because, our network delivers light TV viewers by the masses.  In fact, millennial (A18-34) mall shoppers are 37% more likely to fall in the lightest TV viewing quintile than all other millennials.  So what differentiates a light TV viewer from a heavy one? A light TV viewer watches 1-8 hours of TV per week whereas a heavy viewer watches 20+ hours a week. Trust me, after reading the assessment below, you’re not going to want to be a heavy TV viewer—but rest assured, unless you are in the middle of a House of Cards binge, I think you’re in the clear. Whether you are creating your next media plan or simply choosing a friends group, here are the top four things to know about light TV viewers.

Top Four Reasons Your Brand Should Target Light TV Viewers

Who Doesn’t Like Compliments? Light TV viewers are categorized as Swayable Shopaholics, which means exactly what it sounds like—they are impulsive buyers and love shopping. Light TV viewers are more likely to spend money to maintain an image of success and purchase more expensive brands in order to impress their friends and family. The majority of this group works full time, has graduated from college, and averages $30,000 more HHI than heavy TV viewers.

  • Why do you care?  Light TV viewers have (and are willing to spend) the big   bucks to look good, so it’s important that they are aware of your brand.

Is That The iPhone 5s in Gold? Going along with their Swayable Shopaholic tendencies, light TV viewers generally have the most current merchandise and they tend to be very tech savvy.  They are leaders and influencers, constantly providing advice on new products to friends and family.

  • Why do you care? If you are able to win the approval of a light TV viewer, then that endorsement is amplified across their friends and family. Capture the leader and you have the whole squad.

Pass The Broccoli: Health is more important to Light TV viewers than their heavy TV viewer counterparts. Well, this makes sense… if they aren’t on the couch watching endless repeats of Sex and the City, then they are probably out doing something, somewhere! This includes outdoor activities, trips to the mall, movies, vacations, errands, and you know, trips to the mall.

  • Why do you care?  These people are on the move so it’s important to reach them outside their homes. They are more outgoing, so active, travel, movie, and health brands are of special interest to them. More so, they are less likely to be brand loyal, which makes them happy to jump to the next product, your product.

“Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike:” Light TV viewers are interested in advertising and look to it to keep up on what is trendy. They are less likely to see these ads on TV due to their viewing patterns (they probably have a DVR, too). However, ads that are part of the environment and work to enhance the experience are a great way to reach and influence these millennials.

  • Why do you care? This should be a no brainer! Light TV Viewers are interested in advertising and actually look to ads to gain information on what is current and relevant. So make sure that your ads are seen in places other than TV (digital place-based video works!)