Make the Most out of Your Mall Experience During the Holidays

December 2, 2014 | Blog | By Lightbox

If you are like me, you like to avoid the malls on Black Friday. Even though the door buster deals are great, it is just not worth waiting on all those lines and fighting your way through the crowds. But did you know that most stores have great sales throughout the holiday season? So here are some tips on how to make the most out of your mall experience during the holidays, even if you missed Black Friday.

  1. Go in with a plan: Go into holiday shopping with some sort of plan. You should always have an idea on what your friends and family want, where to get it I would suggest that one of the last things you want to do is just wander aimlessly around the Mall during the Holidays. I’m telling you this isn’t a movie where the perfect gift just appears with a big sign saying “BUY ME!” Holiday is shopping is great if you already know your 3 W’s: What, Which and Where.  Know what you are buying, which store sells these items, and where the stores are located in the mall. This will make shopping much simpler.
  2. Do Your Research: Once you know your 3 W’s of what you are buying, which stores sell the items and where they are located in the mall you can start doing your research. Many stores during the Holidays have great in-store promotions. But I am sure you all know that during this time most malls also have coupons to help you save even more. Everyone loves that feeling when they get a great deal, but that doesn’t come easily. You must do your research. Once you figure out what stores you are going to go to, do a quick google search to see if any of those stores have additional coupons. Also, many smart phones now have apps that can help you find great deals as well. Apps like “Clip’d” and “Retail Me Not” help you find the best deals based on your location. 
  3. Set a smart arrival time and park far away: Congratulations! You have now made your plan and done your research. You are now ready to make the trek to the mall. The first thing you now have to do is set a smart arrival time. If you can, try to go in the morning during the week. This can make a major difference of how much time you spend inside a mall. The weekends are always crowded, but if you must, shoot for a time in the morning. Also, this might sound strange but park in the back! Chances are you will not find a spot up in the front, and trying to find one will just be a waste of time that you could’ve spent shopping. Also, it is less likely that your car will get dinged up and scratched. Plus, you won’t be trapped trying to leave. 
  4. Avoid Santa at all costs!: Now that you are in the mall, try to avoid “Santa’s Workshop.” Not only is it a traffic jam, it is a traffic jam where 75% of the participants are under 3 feet tall. Yes, it is a fun exertion for your family, but when you are trying to stick to a plan it is just a hassle and a huge waste of time. Try to avoid it by walking through anchor stores that have multiple entrances and exits, as well as escalators. Trying to get to the second level but Santa is in your way? Duck into Sears and use their escalator. Chances are it won’t be as crowded. 
  5. Bring a Bottle of Hand Sanitizer: Did you know that Holiday shopping season is also right in the middle of flu season? You don’t know who has been touching those escalator railings or who has also tried on those pants. I am not saying to go into full germaphobe mode but having a small bottle of hand sanitizer handy will not only protect you from getting sick, but I will also help others if you are coming down with a cold.

Now that you have these tips you are now ready to go shopping like a pro. Also, be sure to check out the Smart Screens for news, events and great deals happening in your mall. Happy Shopping!