Rubicon Project Selected As Demand Partner For Two of the Nation’s Largest Out-of-Home Video Networks

November 2, 2015 | Press Releases | By Lightbox

Adspace and Captivate to use Rubicon Project’s leading Orders platform, enabling access to nearly 80 million premium, difficult-to-reach consumers

LOS ANGELES – November 2, 2015 – Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI) today announced it has significantly expanded its presence into the fast growing out-of-home market through the formation of two independent strategic collaborations. Under these agreements, Rubicon Project will power the automation technology for two of North America’s leading out-of-home video networks, Adspace Networks, Inc., and Captivate.  Both companies will use Rubicon Project’s leading Orders platform to package and sell advertising to Rubicon Project’s installed base of premium buyers.

Adspace and Captivate provide significant reach and scale in their respective out-of-home areas focusing on selective, premium inventory.  Adspace reaches nearly 70 million unique customers every month with prominent premium placements in over 300 malls around the country. Captivate connects advertisers with more than 10 million unique monthly viewers through its nationwide network of 10,000 elevator and lobby displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across the U.S.

PricewaterhouseCoopers recently valued out-of-home advertising as having the strongest prognosis of traditional media, anticipating that by 2019 it will grow to a nearly $11 billion market in the U.S. and to $45 billion worldwide.  Today’s announcement comes on the heels of Rubicon Project’s previously disclosed agreement with BITPOSTER, the United Kingdom’s largest audience-driven outdoor media trading platform, which provides access to over 300,000 digital and static out-of-home billboards including roadside, transport, and retail.

“Automation truly represents the future for easily and efficiently connecting buyers and sellers in the out-of-home video advertising space,” said Peter Krieger, President and COO of Adspace Networks, Inc.  “Rubicon Project is a recognized leader in advertising automation and our collaboration will allow us to utilize their Orders platform to leverage the mass impressions of our 3,600+ screen network and easily deliver ad content to hard-to-reach consumers.”

Marc Kidd, Chief Executive Officer of Captivate, added, “It only makes sense that in our ongoing efforts to elevate tenant engagement and the impact of advertising, we also look to elevate and automate the content we deliver to our audience of upscale, hard-to-reach professionals. Rubicon Project, its Orders platform and installed base of premium buyers is the perfect solution as we look to bring the power and scale of automation to the out-of-home marketplace.”

“Our Orders platform was created with the ultimate intention of providing automated advertising to all media environments, far beyond online and mobile, including out-of-home and place-based media that consumers work and play in on a daily basis,” commented Dax Hamman, Chief Product Officer, Rubicon Project.  “The agreements with Captivate and Adspace are evidence of the true power and reach of our Orders technology and mark the latest step forward in our expansion into the multi-billion dollar out-of-home advertising market, dovetailing perfectly with our recent BITPOSTER announcement in the U.K.”

Barry Frey, President and CEO of the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association (DPAA), spoke to the merits of the announcement, commenting, “Both Captivate and Adspace are premium leaders in their respective fields and the agreements with Rubicon Project, the leader in advertising automation, represents a significant step forward driving the video everywhere ecosystem.”

About Adspace Networks, Inc.

Adspace Networks, Inc. owns and operates Adspace Mall Networks, the largest digital place-based video network in the country (Nielsen). Located in America’s best malls, the Adspace Mall Networks consist of video screens in both the mall common areas and food courts. With over 3,600 screens, these networks cover 72% of the U.S. population and represent 98% of all digital screens in the mall space. Combined, both networks reach 52 million unique visitors every four weeks, and are particularly effective at reaching teens, millennials and young families.

About Captivate

Known for its vast network of 10,000 elevator and lobby displays located in 1,600 premier office buildings across the U.S., Captivate connects advertisers with more than 10 million unique monthly viewers through creative, research-driven and Nielsen-measured advertising and marketing programs. By engaging its viewers with timely news and actionable information, Captivate provides advertisers with a highly desirable and difficult-to-reach audience of affluent and influential business professionals. Founded in 1997, Captivate is owned by Generation Partners and Gannett.

About Rubicon Project

Founded in 2007, Rubicon Project’s mission is to keep the Internet free and open and fuel its growth by making it easy and safe to buy and sell advertising.  Rubicon Project pioneered advertising automation technology to enable the world’s leading brands, content creators and application developers to trade and protect trillions of advertising requests each month and to improve the advertising experiences of consumers.  Rubicon Project is a publicly traded company (NYSE: RUBI) headquartered in Los Angeles, California.


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