The New Fox Tuesday is Here!

September 17, 2013 | Blog | By Lightbox

The new Fox Tuesday is finally here, everyone! Get ready to laugh through the series premieres of Dads and Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as the long awaited return of New Girl and The Mindy Project.

Dads stars Seth Green and Giovanni Ribisi as single guys dealing with difficult dads. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a cop show starring Andy Samberg that is sure to have us in stitches. In New Girl, will Jess and Nick finally have a real relationship? And The Mindy Project has James Franco guest starring in the premiere. We like!

Fox is a staple advertiser on our screens and constantly push the limits of what we can do when promoting their lineup. They have great creative with hyper-localized and date specific messaging. It is the perfect benchmark for our dynamic capabilities.

Check out our dynamic capabilities reel below and let us know your crazy ideas — chances are we can make it a reality.