Why Isn’t Location-based Video Bought Strategically Yet? – I Challenge Your Top Three Excuses

November 19, 2014 | Blog | By Lightbox

One of the biggest frustrations of location-based video, or out of home in general, is that it is rarely included as a strategic line item on media plans. Why is this? Well, it’s certainly not for a lack of scale, measurement or trying. Believe me, our sales team has heard hundreds of excuses, but I will keep the list short and challenge your top three.

  1. “No one ever got fired for buying TV:” Location-based video is still considered new media, despite its 15+ year tenure in the media industry. Often, this causes it to be categorized as experimental, leading to lower budgets and it being held to a higher standard of proof of effectiveness. Adspace has stepped up to the plate in terms of proving its effectiveness. Nielsen confirms that 86% of consumers notice our Smart Screens and 35% are able to recall your ad. That is better than television! Additionally, we have conducted intercept studies across most major categories that show that not only is your ad remembered by shoppers, it also affects consumer behavior, whether it be intent to watch a show, or their purchase intent (check out the details here). Despite these stats, it is still difficult to convince media planners the power of Location-based video. While you may not get fired for TV, my guess is you aren’t being promoted for it either. So next time you have a client that needs to reach Millennials, suggest Adspace.
  2. “Sorry, I don’t have the budget:” To start, Adspace Networks is extremely efficient compared to other mediums. Better yet, it reaches light TV viewers and Millennials, who seem to be on everyone’s target lists these days. For example, you are able to reach 42.5% of Millennials in a four week period by running a campaign with Adspace. I would never suggest to get rid of TV completely, but by shifting a few dollars towards Adspace you can add incremental reach to any TV buy for the same cost.
  3. “Location-based Video doesn’t fit my brand image:” Seriously? Are you not interested in showcasing your ad in full sight, sound and motion in an environment where people actually want to see it? Like my girl, Aretha, said “All I am asking is for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T”… ask anyone in the industry, Location- based video does not get the respect it deserves. There is so much untapped potential here. Think about it… mass scale, efficient costs, the ability to geotarget, and stellar ad recall, all in an environment where people are receptive to advertising. It’s a win-win (win, win, win).

So, now that those three are out of the way, what else have you got? Still scared to be a “rebel,” to take a “risk.” Pssh, once you look at the facts, it really doesn’t seem too daunting, does it?  So come on, just try it once.  That’s all we ask, because we know you’ll be back. And who knows, you may even get that promotion.