Baby Boomers vs. Millennials– Where’s the Beef?

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials– Where’s the Beef?

The Millennials (ages 12 – 31years of age – – only half of whom are old enough to be in the labor force)- are often described as “The Audience of Choice” by advertisers.  However, in considering where to target advertising dollars, it is important to be aware of the popular nickname of the Millennials – […]

Sorry, No Fast-Forwarding Here!

As advertising increasingly infiltrates our daily lives, so does the technology to avoid it.  Many consumers pay additional costs to avoid ads during their entertainment— from Pandora One to DVR to OnDemand to Netflix—the options are limitless. The newest I’ve heard of is AdTrap—which eliminates those pesky online ads completely. Despite being in the advertising […]

Top 10 Trends for Spring 2014 from New York Fashion Week

1. Crop A Feel– Hey, girlfriend! The 90s called (and let’s be real, the 80s, 70s and prob even the late 60s) and said you could borrow their crop tops. I’m starting to think that the crop top never actually goes out of style, just lays in wait ready to pounce on its next season. […]


Video News Network for Mobile and Social Generation Expands Reach;

Partnership Creates Branded Content Opportunities for Marketers

NEW YORK – October 8, 2013 – Adspace Digital Mall Network has announced a partnership with NowThis News to bring short form video news content to mall shoppers.

As the leading media company providing video news for the mobile and social generation, NowThis News’ content will be available in 200 malls in the top DMAs, reaching 24 million individuals per week. The partnership builds on the success NowThis News has seen as the first news organization to create a video channel exclusively on Instagram. The NowThis News team will create three types of features for the Adspace large format Smart Screens

From Your Screen to Their Screen: Creating Mobile Engagement through Digital Place-based Advertising

As consumers spend increasingly more time outside of their homes, traditional forms of media including television, print and radio are experiencing a decline in their user base.  As a result, advertisers are forced to diversify their approach to communicate with their target audience.  Outdoor media does a great job of delivering branding and awareness through […]

Better & Easier – How to Create 1,200 Different Ads For A Single Client

If you had to choose, would you rather make your life easier, or make your life better? Think about it carefully because at first blush though these two ideas may seem similar – they’re not. Luckily for us “better” and “easier” are becoming less and less mutually exclusive. For the past decade as Digital Place-Based […]