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The Mall Renaissance: Understanding the Surge in American Mall Visits

  The American mall is alive and well, as evidenced by Lightbox venues seeing record traffic in 2023, and continuing into January 2024. MotionWorks reports 2.8 billion annual visits to our network of shopping destinations last year which translates to a +47% increase over pre-pandemic 2019 and a +31% increase over 2022. What’s behind this […]

The State of In-Store Retail 2023

The State of In-Store Retail 2023: Brick-and-Mortar Rebounds  For the past year, economists and consumers alike have been bracing for a global recession. A pandemic and the resulting inflationary woes have affected all business sectors, with the retail industry positioned to take a significant hit. But despite the fears of an economic downturn – fears […]

2022 Wrap-Up: Lightbox Mall Traffic Higher Than Ever

2022 WRAP-UP: LIGHTBOX MALL TRAFFIC HIGHER THAN EVER Any notion that malls are still in recovery mode was put to bed in 2022. Remnant memories of lockdowns and capacity limitations are now miles in the country’s rearview mirror, once again making malls a top destination for shopping and socializing. The Lightbox (LB) mall network followed […]

Deck the Malls: Connect with Holiday Shoppers in the Real World

Deck the Malls: Connect with Holiday Shoppers in the Real World Holiday shopping in malls has deep roots in American culture. Mall scenes from celebrated holiday movies, like Buddy’s first time using an escalator in Elf and Rowan Atkinson’s masterful gift wrapping in Love Actually, are still watched by millions every year. Many brands are […]