I Want My NTV- Netflix Changes the Way We Watch TV in the Best Way

I Want My NTV- Netflix Changes the Way We Watch TV in the Best Way

When I first started watching “Breaking Bad,” the show had been on the air for a few seasons. I could consume the episodes at my own (rapid) pace, sometimes watching 2-3 in one sitting. The same thing happened when I sat down to watch “Game of Thrones.” This phenomenon of rapid TV watching is now […]

The Courtship of Digital Place-Based and Social Media

A long-promised benefit of digital signage is the ability to keep the content fresh. So, as more traditionally-static venues switch to all-digital, the Homer Simpsons’ of the world need no longer wait for the first of the month to bask in the glory of New Billboard Day… …with digital place-based everyday is New Billboard Day! […]

The Real Deal

Plenty of people scoff in the face of authority.  Not me. In fact- I actually appreciate someone who knows more than I do! When we introduced spokesperson Lori Bergamotto to the Smart Screens- her strong background in fashion and beauty came shining through.  Shoppers trust her point of view and feel comfortable taking advice from […]


There has been a great deal of press about the Tri-state Ford Dealer advertising program in the New York DMA that was orchestrated by the Digital Place-based Advertising Association.  A significant group of place-based video networks were integrated into a spot TV plan, effectively replacing about a fifth of the spot TV dollars starting in late September […]