Lightbox OOH Video Network Reports 66% Traffic Return to Re-Opened Malls

Lightbox OOH Video Network continues to see traffic return to malls as all U.S. states are at some stage of re-opening. In the third week of monitoring, data provided by Intermx shows traffic in re-opened malls at 66% of pre-shutdown numbers, a significant increase for the week ending May 24. Furthermore, some DMA traffic exceeds […]

Consumers Can’t Wait to Shop at Malls

Lightbox’s Consumer Attitudinal Study found “Shopping at malls” to be a top activity American adults intend to do once venues re-open after being shuttered by COVID-19, only after “Dining at restaurants” and “Going to the beach/park.”

Video Ads in Malls: Top Ad Medium of Consumer Interest

The challenges facing advertisers in reaching consumers are aplenty.  Ad blockers, fraud, cord-cutting, the demise of print…brands and media owners alike have their work cut out for them.  But marketers are increasingly turning to a medium that was once the beneficiary of leftover budgets to be a saving grace: out-of-home (OOH) and more specifically, digital out-of-home (DOOH).  […]

A New Adspace

A company’s brand does more than communicate its name. It informs you of its culture, its people, its product. A ​good​ brand is clear, concise, and memorable. Finally, a brand needs to serve its customers just as effectively as it serves itself. Earlier this year we set out to change our image to match these […]

Too good for TV? A look at this year’s upfronts

From “Empire” to “How To Get Away With Murder,” it’s been an intense year for TV. But nothing beats the drama of the upfronts!   As major TV Networks were presenting their new programming to advertisers last week, this time of year also marks cancellation season. Beyond Shonda Rhimes’ successful Thursday night block on ABC […]

How User Generated Content is Changing Beauty Advertising

As your standard twenty-something Millennial, it may surprise you to hear that I own a television. Actually, truth be told, the majority of the time I just fast forward through the commercials. The one thing that does get my attention is make up and beauty products. I’m a girlie-girl and I can’t help it. Most […]

Watching a TV set is so 2000s.

Millennials don’t watch TV. That’s what they say. The “they” I am referring to is the industry and as a true Millennial, I can say that is absolutely correct. Sure, my apt has a TV. It’s actually pretty nice. But I can count on one hand the amount of times it has been used in […]

Puppy Love

This past weekend my Twitter feed was filled with images of heart-shaped food, my Spotify account had suggested I listen to the Fifty Shades of Grey soundtrack, and on the local news there was even a story about two falcons that had found love on top of the Tappen Zee bridge. I know it’s cliché […]

Shazam…It’s Not Just For Music Anymore

Looking for a way to extend your brand’s message from our Smart Screens to the screen that matters most to consumers, their mobile device? Why not hit them up through a mobile app that is most likely not only already installed on their phone but also in their top 15 most used? I present to […]

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