The “On the Go Consumers”… How they Relate to the Mall Environment

There has been a great deal of press over the past year or two about the  decline of the shopping mall…stores closing, tumbleweeds rolling through the common areas…all supposedly because of internet shopping.  Malls do close, and this has been happening for decades as demographics and economics in a given geography shift, but what is […]

Christmas in September

Here in the Editorial Department, at Adspace Networks, we are always working ahead of schedule. We just put the finishing touches on our Breast Cancer Awareness initiative and have set our sights on the Holiday Gift Guide. You may be asking yourself, “Christmas in September?” Yes, you read that right. It’s just how we do […]

How We Made the Ad, Nespresso

Here in the Creative Department, we love when clients come to us with an idea for a unique way to use our medium. Adspace provides many options to acutely target an advertiser’s message towards the desired demo. One of our strongest capabilities is allowing for multiple copy changes (by market, dayparting, mall specific, etc.). That’s […]

Music is Still a Hit for Global Branding Campaigns

Almost a year ago, I was writing about celebrity creative directors on this very blog. Well, it looks like the trend is here to stay! Artists, who are not just the face of a product but part of its whole branding strategy, are no longer the exception. Similarly to last year, it seems that musicians […]

Sponsorship Opportunities!

I’ve already written about embracing the envionment in your creative. Sponsorships are a great way to take advantage of our original content (which is tailor-made for our enironment) and reach your audience from a different angle.

Vertical Video: A Controversial Opinion

Since the dawn of smartphone video, the internet has been inundated with vertical (or portrait) videos. There has been a growing opposition to these videos since, the argument goes, they’re more frustating to watch than normal horizontal videos. Glove and Boots have, thus far, made the most eloquent case: As you can see, there are […]

Hey, That’s My Coke! No Really Dude, It Has My Name On It.

It’s late afternoon on a hot summer day, you’re not only dying of thirst but also suffering from a post lunch slump. Knowing full well that you have a nicely chilled caffeinated beverage waiting to quench said thirst and revive you from that food coma, you head to the fridge, only to discover your coworker/sibling/roommate […]

He Shoots, He Scores! A look at some of the best advertisements from World Cup 2014

If you’re a fan of soccer, or football as the rest of the world calls it, then you are in the midst of World Cup fever. I’m a fan of all things sports related so this quadrennial tournament is as exciting as it gets. Also, as someone who works in advertising, I can’t help but […]

The 80/20 Rule – The Pareto Principle and The Power of Reaching Mavens

Have you ever met someone who seemingly knows everything? I’m not talking about the showoff types who present the facade knowing more than you, when in reality they have no clue what they’re talking about. I’m talking about people who are truly sophisticated and well-rounded, genuinely versed in almost every topic. The reason they know […]

As It Turns Out, I Only Want to Hang Out with Light TV Viewers

If you’ve ever heard an Adsapce Networks pitch, you already know that we are a great complement to television buys. Why? Because, our network delivers light TV viewers by the masses.  In fact, millennial (A18-34) mall shoppers are 37% more likely to fall in the lightest TV viewing quintile than all other millennials.  So what […]

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